Local SEO

Local SEO

Making your business visible and prominent on local search engine results could be one of the most important investments you make in the future of your company. Google is currently dominant, with most people using it as their search engine of choice. We specialize in getting our clients into the top rankings of Google's local business search results, putting your business directly in front of local consumers looking for the services you provide!

If you're not on the first page of your Google+ Local search results, a significant chunk of your potential customers may not know you exist. We provide your business with a prominent spot in the top search results, so customers see you instead of your competitors.

We stand 100% behind our services with a 60-day guarantee. We will get you to the front page under at least 2 keyword searches, or our service is FREE! You can even track your progress with weekly ranking reports for each keyword you choose in your local area.


What you can expect with Google Local SEO

♦ Google+ Local Page keyword optimized
♦ 10 Keywords in 1 city for Google search
♦ Guaranteed Local Front Page Placement on Google or it's FREE
♦ Weekly online reporting
♦ Expert SEO consultation
♦ Web Hosting
♦ 24/7 management of your listing to ensure top placement
♦ Unlimited monthly clicks
♦ Verbal phone verification
♦ Creation of custom listing categories
♦ Natural link building
♦ Strategic keyword research